HALPERN Textile Industry Ltd. Textile Designs

Fabric sample with label that reads "Halpern Narkis Best Quality"
Fabric sample with striped colors and three flowers connected by vines with leaves
Fabric sample of a teal rose and leaves on a white background
Fabric sample with green and black horizontal stripes
Fabric sample of bright red fabric with red flowers and leaves
Fabric sample of brown fabric with an abstracted flower and leaf design in the same color as the background
Fabric sample of purple and gray crosshatch pattern
Fabric sample of a geometric patten of different size squares and rectangles in teal and white.
Fabric sample with a gold background and a lighter gold flower pattern.
Fabric sample with an abstract scallop pattern in white with horizontal stripes in green, brown, and beige.
Fabric sample with image of a single flower design


HALPERN Textile Industry Ltd. Textile Designs


Samples of textile designs from Abraham Halpern's textile factory. The bedclothes, tablecloths (cotton and terylene), and the pique blanket "Narkis" are all Jacquard weaves. Over the years, they were the superbrands of HALPERN Textile Industry Ltd.

The patchwork art made by Roni Ben Ari incorporates her father’s fabrics.


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