Walk around the exhibit Loom|Father|Requiem above and click on objects that interest you or learn about the Halperns.

The Panorama digitally recreates the exhibit “Loom|Father|Requiem” that was shown at the Central Museum of Textiles in Poland (Łódź) and the Eretz Israel Museum in Israel (Tel Aviv). In this exhibit, I integrate into my art the memories of my Jewish family, which had its roots in Łódź and its textile industry.

My grandfather Moshe Halpern was a weaver of fabrics for corsets.

My father Avraham Halpern was a weaver of Jacquard textiles.

I am Roni Halpern Ben Ari, a weaver of memories from the loom's DNA.

Roni Ben Ari

Roni Ben Ari is an internationally acclaimed photographer and multimedia artist.