Cinematograph in Linat ha'Holim Fundraiser


Cinematograph in Linat ha'Holim Fundraiser


Ad from Lodzer Tageblat announcing a 1914 open-air event for the benefit of the Jewish charity Linat ha'Holim, known for its care for the impoverished sick. Among the many amusements, the ad promised an open-air film show and athletic feats performed by the young Zishe Breitbart.


Lodzer Tageblat no. 115






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Helenenhof / Helenenhof / Zuntog, dem 7-ten yuni vet forkumen / a grandiezem garten-fest / tsum gunsten fun „Linas ha’Holim” mit folgenden raykhfalen program: / gimnastishe vunderbare ibungen / oyf ringen fun H’ Rutberg. / Aroystrit fun 2-ten Shimshn Hagiber H’ Braytbard., iber vel- / khen es velen durkhmarshiren a rote soldaten. / Interesante atletishe ibungen. / Ring-kampf 4 por atleten. / Motrozen-brik originele tents. / Kinematograf untern frayen himel. / Im zaal Miniatur-Theater / mit onteyl fun di beste yudishe artisten. / Fantave laterye / fielvertige fanten. / 3 orkesters, blumenshlakht, fayerverk a. d. gl. / Ver es vil gut di tsayt ferbrengen un glaykhtsaytig helfen toyzender orime kranke—kumt tsu der fervaylung in Helenenhof!!! / Anfang 2 ½ uhr. Entree 50 kop., mit 2 loterye-bileten 1 rubl. Fir kinder 25 kop. In fal unginstiges veter, vet di fervaylung forkumen den 14-ten yuni.


Helenenhof / Helenenhof / Sunday, the 7th of June will take place / a grandiose garden-party / for the benefit of “Linat ha’Holim” with the following rich program: / wonderful gymnastic exercises / on rings, by Mr. Rutberg. / Appearance of the second Samson, Mr. Breitbart, over whom / will march a company of soldiers. / Interesting athletic exercises. / Ring-battle of four pairs of athletes. / Sailor-bridge, original dance. / Cinematograph in the open air. / In the Miniature-Theater hall / with participation of the best Jewish artists. /Prize drawing / Many-valued pledges. / 3 orchestras, flower-battle [?], fireworks, and so forth. / Whoever wants to enjoy themselves and simultaneously help thousands of poor sick people—come to the entertainment in Helenenhof!!! / Beginning at 2:30. Entrance fee 50 kopeks, with 2 lottery tickets for 1 ruble. For children, 25 kopeks. In case of unfavorable weather, the entertainment will take place on June 14th.



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