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Ad from Lodzer Tageblat announcing a 1914 open-air event for the benefit of the Jewish charity Linat ha'Holim, known for its care for the impoverished sick. Among the many amusements, the ad promised an open-air film show and athletic feats performed…
Ad in Republika announcing the 1925 return of the internationally acclaimed strongman Zishe Breitbart to perform in his native Łódź. These performances were among Breitbart's last, as he died later on in the year.
Ad from Najer Folksblat publicizing a 1930 exhibition of curiosities, or "freak shows," as they were known at the time. Here, the focus is on human deformities billed as "wonders of nature."
A poster advertising performances by the Warsaw Circus Troupe. Like other residents of Lódź, Jews were drawn to circus entertainment. This can be glimpsed from numerous ads in the Jewish press. Neither was it uncommon for Jews to be employed in…
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