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This shot, taken somewhere in the southerly, industrial part of Łódź (in the vicinity of Górny Rynek), offers a panoramic view of the city's northwest region with its many smoking chimneys. In the distance one can make out the familiar shape of a…
One of the houses located on the Old Market Square as viewed from its rear courtyard. While many residences in the Old Town seemed quite presentable from the front, sadly, some backyards were the very image of poverty and desolation.

fig3 In poylishe velder Splendid Pages from Najer_Folksblat1929_nr22a.jpg
Ad for a screening of In poylishe velder (In Polish Forests) at the movie theater Splendid in Łódź

Ad for a screening of Lamed-vovnik (Jeden z 36) at the movie theater Nowy in Warsaw

fig7 Yidl mitn Fidl Literarishe Bleter] 24 September 1936.jpg
Ad for the premiere of Yidl mitn Fidl (Yidl with His Fiddle)
This favorite song was written for the 1938 movie Zapomniana melodia (The Forgotten Melody), in which it was originally sung by Helena Grossówna and Jadwiga Andrzejewska. In this lighthearted romantic musical comedy we hear this song when the…

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This photograph was taken in front of the Sick Fund (Kasa Chorych) building at 225 Wólczańska Street (formerly the family residence of workers at the "Tivoli" factory). A man and a paramedic sit in an open ambulance car with registration number LD…
In front of the Sick Fund (Kasa Chorych) building at 225 Wólczańska Street, three men, each wearing an oprychówka (a flat cap typical of the day), take a patient on a stretcher out of an ambulance car.
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