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The Łódź fire brigade purchased its first gasoline-fueled fire engines and pumps between 1920 and 1925. Until 1926 these operated alongside the traditional horse-drawn fleet. In 1935, 5 new fire trucks, 10 tankers, a passenger vehicle, breathing…
Established in 1876, the Łódź Volunteer Fire Brigade was the strongest organization of its kind in Poland and experienced great success in international firefighting competitions. This photo shows us a training course for Łódź firemen.
In 1895 the 3rd Division of the Łódź Fire Department was moved from Piotrkowska Street to No. 54 Mikołajewska (Sienkiewicz) Street. After the creation of the Association of Volunteer Fire Brigades of the Republic of Poland in September 1921, No. 54…
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