Film in Variety Shows


Film in Variety Shows


Ad from the Yiddish newspaper Lodzer Tageblatt publicizing a 1910 screening of two short films in the theater Modern in Łódź. In the early years of cinema, films were often shown within variety and magic shows. In this case, two typical film showings, a short mythological drama and a "nature" film, are additions to the headliner: the presentation of "the latest technological wonder"—the talking head.


Lodzer Tageblat no. 72






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Teater / ,,Modern’’ / Krutka 2 eke Petrikover / Fun haynt, nayes oysergevehnlikh vundershenem program. Tsum ershten mol in Lodz vunder dem XX yahrhundert / Der shprekhender kopf / Di nayeste erfindung un vunder der tekhnik, der shprekhender kopf on shum [sic] spetsiele aynrikhtung redt un entfert oyf ale fragen / zingt un deklamirt. Oyser dem vunder fun XX yahrhundert vet gevizen veren zehr fiel andere dramen, komedyen un / naturoyfnahmen Fedara [sic] oder Hipolit’s toydt (historishe drame), un der Etna-oysbrukh (natur).


Theater / “Modern” / Krótka 2, corner of Petrikover [Piotrkowska] / From today, new, extraordinary, lovely program. For the first time in Lodz, wonder of the 20th century / The talking head / The latest invention and technical wonder, the talking head, without any special set-up, speaks and answers all questions, / sings and recites. In addition to the wonder of the 20th century, there will be shown many other dramas, comedies, and / nature recordings Phaedra or Hippolytus’s Death (historical drama), and the Etna Eruption (nature).



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