Hamlet at the Scala



Hamlet at the Scala


Ad from Najer Folksblat publicizing 1926 performances of a Yiddish troupe at the Scala theater in Łódź. The visiting troupe, led by Natalia and Moshe Lipman (both also known from their roles in Yiddish film), performed a stage adaptation of du Maurier's Trilby and Shakespeare's Hamlet and Othello.


Najer Folksblat no. 150






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Teater „Skala” / 18 Tsigel-gas 18. / Dir.: P. Kuperman. / A frehlikhe psure! A frehlikhe psure! / Tsulib dem shtarken erfolg fun di di gastshpilen fun Moyshe un / Natalia Lipman mit zeyer trupe iz gelungen zey tsu bevegen / tsu blayben nokh oyf 4 tog [sic] / Shabes d. 3 yuli punkt halb 4 nokhm. Tsu bilign prayzen fun 50 / groshen a bilet[.] Tsum 4 ten [sic] un letsten mol Viliam Shekspir’s / velt-berihmte / klas. tragedie / Hamlet / in 5 akten / (6 bilder). / Shabes, ovend punkt 9 a zeyger[.] Prayzen fun 80 gr. a bilet / Tsum ershten mol in dem sezon / Dos shtarkste verk fun gr. ge. / Trilbi / Rolen: Svengali—Moyshe Lipman, —Trilbi Mania Ayzenberg. / Montog, dem 5 ten yuli umbedingt letste populere forshtelung / fun 50 groshen a bilet „Otelo” / Buleten [sic] in der kase.


Theater “Scala” / 18 Cegielniana Street / Director P. Kuperman / A joyful announcement! A joyful announcement! / Due to the great success of these, the guest performances of Moyshe and Natalia Lipman with their troupe, they have been successfully persuaded / to remain for 4 further days / Shabbat the 3rd of July, exactly at 4:30 PM. Too-cheap prices from 50 / groszy per ticket[.] For the 4th and last time, William Shakespeare’s / world-famous / classical tragedy / Hamlet / in 5 acts / (6 tableaux). / Shabbat, exactly 9 o’clock in the evening[.] Prices from 80 groszy per ticket / For the first time in this season / The strongest work of the great genius / Trilby / Roles: Svengali—Moyshe Lipman, —Trilby Mania Ayzenberg. / Monday, the 5th of July, absolutely last popular performance / from 50 groszy a ticket, “Othello” / Tickets at the box office.



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