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Ad from Najer Folksblat publicizing a 1933 operetta-revue at the Momus theater in Bałuty. Momus was one of several modest venues that offered light entertainment to the residents of the Jewish quarter of Łódź.
Ad from Ilustrowana Republika publicizing performances of favorite artists of the Yiddish stage—Shimen Dzigan, Israel Shumacher, and Menashe Oppenheim among them. During 1938, the ensemble toured central Poland with this popular show.
Ad from Najer Folksblat publicizing 1926 performances of a Yiddish troupe at the Scala theater in Łódź. The visiting troupe, led by Natalia and Moshe Lipman (both also known from their roles in Yiddish film), performed a stage adaptation of du…
Poster advertising a 1928 Łódź performance of Betty Kenig. A much admired soubrette actress who made her name in American Yiddish theater, Kenig paid several visits to Poland. The performance was to take place at the theatre Modern, located at Krótka…
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